• New website

    We at Construction Framework South West are proud to announce that in the last six years we been offering a dedicated and client lead 2 stage open book approach to help over 140 public bodies deliver over £560 million of construction projects across the South West.

    Construction framework South West ceases to operate 1st October 2015 because we have amalgamated the south west, south east and the London construction programmes into one expert construction framework called Southern Construction Framework. By doing this we can continue to give you all the things you would expect from a professionally run framework but because of our combined operation we can offer clients a greater breadth of team and technical resources. You will also benefit from having greater buying power and the choice of 10 leading contractors.

    Every one at CFSW would like to thank all our clients, their consultants and our principle contractors for their brilliant effort and project success. Please be assured that we will retain our regional identity in what is now called Lot 1, and you will still work through us to provide local delivery. Our team of experts will work to ensure your relationship with us is of high quality, reliable, easy to use and fast. Please visit our new web site now to find out we can help you.