• Framework Benefits

    CFSW is a managed framework with an emphasis on achieving value for money and continuous improvement. Public Body Users may benefit from:

    • Delivery of cashable efficiencies
    • OJEU compliant process
    • Competitive tension maintained throughout the procurement process
    • Flexible contract options with choice of Construct Only and Develop & Construct models
    • Time and Cost Predictability
    • Benefits to local economy – Apprenticeships, Promotion of Best Practice, Encouragement for use of local supply chain
    • Potential for supply chain benefits through early engagement and aggregated procurement
    • Sustainability Benefits – waste diverted from landfill
    • KPI’s across all projects to maintain competitive tension and continuous improvement

    Framework Non-negotiables

    There are a number of non-negotiables that Users will need to include in their project process. This is to ensure compliance with CFSW and delivery of benefits.

    • Providers Overhead & Profit Percentages
    • Providers Staff Rates
    • Fee based early contractor involvement / integrated project team
    • Two Stage Procurement process based on price and quality assessment
    • KPI performance measurement, cost benchmarking and benefit reporting
    • Fair Payment Charter
    • Client Charter